Welcome to Beyond Rooms Wellbeing

Beyond Rooms Wellbeing

I am hugely passionate about creating changes in people’s lives, by practicing and teaching tools to create more ease and joy. Through my own personal life experiences, I have been able to make many amazing changes to my own life and that of my family using the techniques, tools, and energy healing modalities I am now qualified to share with others.

For me and what I share, becoming more connected to who we really are is the foundation to the change we need in our lives to create more balance, harmony, and happiness.

I Support My Clients With:

  • Deep Healing Work – Over all time lines, ancestral lines & the here & now.
  • Reconnection to the world around us – Nature holds so much healing & guidance as we are all part of nature itself.
  • Inner Child Work – Healing to bring understanding & reconnecting to your inner child. It is a huge basis to help people move forward with more ease & freedom. Reconnecting to your inner child feels like a reconnection back to yourself.
  • Womb Work – We absorb a lot of things when we are in the womb. This shows up in our lives as false beliefs & programming. Returning here is incredibly nurturing & healing. This can be really helpful combined with other work for people who are adopted or fostered.
  • Channelled Guidance – This is like a natural conversation with lots of aha moments. Giving you more clarity & understanding of yourself & others.
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs, Programmes & Patterns & dissolving them then re-writing new one’s. Which we do as a very natural process.
  • Bringing Awareness & Different Mind-Set in a soul based way.
  • Balancing of Energy Systems throughout the Body & Energy Field – helping you Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually. Clearing any energy debris, fog & heaviness, removing cords & hooks, mending & sealing holes in auras & removing entity attachments.
  • 21 chakra & beyond work. Re-connecting back to chakras which often have been closed down & doing healing work around them. This gives clients a huge boost of knowing, connection & understanding.
  • Teaching you tools & techniques to assist you with your journey.
  • Healing Visualisations that are easy to repeat to continue healing beyond our sessions.

Why Beyond Rooms Wellbeing?

Beyond to me is such an expansive word & all the work I offer is to move you into a more expansive space.

Beyond Rooms, because every bit of work we do go beyond you & beyond the room we are working from. Whether here or on your own. The ripple effect of this work extends to others around you, family, friends & beyond. Ultimately shifting things on the planet.

Wellbeing, self-explanatory. We are working to improve your emotional, physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing on every level.

I have spent over four years, living and breathing completely different ways of doing things to improve my own life and that of those around me. Shifting the way of doing things. Changing ways of thinking and having awareness around everything has moved mountains of blocks I had carried around with me all of my life. Having the knowledge that there are different ways of being, has been life-changing for me. Though my journey started with this work in 1990 when I was nineteen.

I offer a variety of different sessions which are to tailor to your needs. In whatever I am doing always work intuitively & channel guidance for you.

I work remotely via video call & locally can offer in-person treatments.